We donate 10% of every commission to local charities.

Our Dream Big goals are multi-layered : We will encourage the entities involved in our transactions to GIVE BACK, and we are trying to show all local business people in our community that they can include some sort of GIVE BACK theme in their daily fabric; some might be through donations, in kind, volunteerism, or simply just shedding light on some organizations that are in need locally. Once the Athens area community can show that Giving Back is something that differentiates a business in a positive way, we hope to go on the road and show leaders in other communities that this can be done!

GIVE BACK Real Estate agents are not professional philanthropists…we are motivated to be great at what we do, but we also have a mission to make our little part of the world a better place. Talk to a GIVE BACK agent about what we can do for you and what we all can do together.

Our Approved Vetted Causes – October 2021 thru September 2022

(Choose a vetted cause below to learn more)

Acceptance Recovery Center

ACCA Meals on Wheels

Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation

Athens Area Diaper Bank

Athens Area Emergency Food Bank

Athens Area Homeless Shelter

Athens Nurses Clinic


Books For Keeps

Boys and Girls Club of Athens

Butterfly Dreams Farm

Chess and Community

Divas Who Win

ESP (Extra Special People)

Habitat for Humanity

North East Georgia Food Bank

North East Georgia Homeless Veterans Shelter

Nuci’s Space

Project Safe

The Cottage